Featured on DIGITIMES - Find out IEIMobile's role in the Internet of Things!

Taipei, Taiwan (November 16, 2011) -- DIGITIMES, the leading IT news source in Taiwan, publishes an article introducing IEIMobile's role in "The Internet of Things".

The Internet of Things (IOT)is a technological revolution that represents the future of computing and communications. By definition, “The Internet of Things” is literally having every “thing” connected in a vast, gigantic network, consisting of three layers: sensor layer, network layer, application layer. The sensor layer holds embedded systems and sensory devices that allow data to be caputured. Captured information is transmitted through the network layer (which consists of wireless technologies) to the application layer where it is transformed into business intelligence. 

Imagine cities with no traffic congestion and accdients; or hospitals and medical institutions with no medical disputes; and buildings that can automatically sense and save energy. The implications and the possibilities that the IOT holds for businesses and the greater society is huge! IEIMobile's devices utilizes data capture technologies including barcode and RFID readers, and capitalizes on wireless technologies such as HSUPDA / HSDPA to allow industries to optimize their business operations

To find our more about IEIMoile's role in the IOT, please visit the news article here.



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