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Taipei, Taiwan (December 21, 2011) -- DIGITIMES, the leading IT news source in Taiwan publishes an article introducing IEIMobile's solution for hospital automation. 

The Internet of Things (IOT) is a mature and popular topic nowadays. Governments worldwide are turning IOT from commercial efforts into something of a national-level industry strategy. Businesses, being aware of its future trend, are also developing new products that will bring about a revolutionary impact on the future of human kind. 

Vertical markets have experienced tremendous developments in the past few years; and amongst these, the medical industry has undergone the greatest reformation. In 2009, the United States of America established incentive programs to promote the use of information technology in healthcare, rewarding those who make use of Electronic Medical Records (EMR). Reasons behind such healthcare automation include: a standard for sharing medical data, mature software, the development of related mobile computing technology, and patient privacy policies. Other countries are also not far behind; for example, physicians in Europe, particularly in northern regions, have long ago started using EMRs. Asian countries, although a little behind, have also begun introducing information technology into their medical systems. 

The Electronic Medical Record system, when integrated with tablet PCs becomes an ideal computing device for physicians. IEIMobile's ICEFIRE 10.4" Mobile Clinic Assistant is a medical-grade tablet PC that can meet information technology needs in the healthcare industry. A powerful D525 Dual Core processor with a stable WIndows 7 Operating System, and integrated  wireless functions, enables physicians and patients to get the best of healthcare automation. 

To find out more about the ICEFIRE and healthcare automation, please visit the news article here.


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