Global Navigation Satellite Systems: The Present and the Future

No manager would want to be kept in the dark about where their mobile workers are or where company vehicles are located during work hours. Conversely, no mobile worker likes taking the wrong turns and getting lost during delivery while being blamed for increased fuel costs and delivery times. This is where Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) and complementary technologies come to the rescue!

Devices integrated with GNSS receivers allow us to locate and be located on the world map. The most well known and mature system – GPS – is developed and maintained by the United States of America. However, as different nations work towards their own satellite systems, markets for the user segment are now in search for their own solutions. Take for example, the Russian market whereby the government requires location devices to support their nation’s very own satellite system – GLONASS.

Written and summarized into a white paper, please visit IEIMobile’s website to find out more about:
  • The current status of GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO, COMPASS
  • Location-Based Services, Turn-by-Turn Navigation, Tracking
  • The industry’s development of next generation products
  • IEIMobile’s automotive PCs

White Paper-Global Navigation Satellite Systems: The Present and the Future



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