IEIMobile Announces its Android Strategy

Taipei, Taiwan (26 July, 2012) – IEIMobile shares its Android strategy, providing a more solid roadmap for its global customers.

The open-source Android platform is currently the most widely accepted operating system for smart phones and tablets in the consumer market. Known for its user-friendly interface and the online APP market, this operating system has undergone various version upgrades since its birth in 2008. The most famous versions include the Gingerbread (V. 2.3.x), the Honeycomb (V. 3.x), and the recent Ice Cream Sandwich (V. 4.0.x). Yes, all these versions are readily available in consumer products and some industrial-grade products. However, IEIMobile will mainly support the Gingerbread (V. 2.3.x) and the Ice Cream Sandwich (V. 4.0.x). 

From Gingerbread to Ice Cream Sandwich – Why?
IEIMobile’s Android strategy is to make the direct leap from Gingerbread to Ice Cream Sandwich in the future. The decision to do so is based on the following:
1.  Customization: Flexible
Android only distributed Honeycomb (V. 3.x) to NVIDIA, a major producer of consumer mobile processors. However, the BSP provided by NVIDIA to device manufacturers is highly limited with respect to flexibility. That is, although NVIDIA may offer an intact BSP to device manufacturers like us, but they will not be able to support what is outside of that package. This, in turn, will decrease our room for customization.
2.  Target Market: Verticals
The key feature of IEIMobile products is its ability to integrate a wide range of functions (such as barcode and RFID readers); which may unfortunately, not be supported by the NVIDIA BSP. If customers are looking for a simple mobile device with touch and wireless communication functions, then a consumer brand would do the work. Even an “industrial” mobile device based on the NVIDIA BSP will be no different from its consumer counterpart. In the vertical industry (industrial applications), however, much more functions are necessary, and this is the market we target.
Android 4.0.x: The Ice Cream Sandwich
The second half of 2012 will welcome IEIMobile’s first Android products (ICECARE, MODAT-210, iKarPC-Lite) using the Gingerbread and the ARM Cortex A8 processors. For the following generation of Ice Cream Sandwich products, IEIMobile is currently developing and evaluating several platforms with the ARM Cortex A9 architecture. 
Not as fast-paced as the consumer market, Android products for industrial applications are only just appearing. With regards to this, IEIMobile is one of the first few to introduce this operating system on its mobile devices. It is for sure that IEIMobile will continue to support Android; first with the Gingerbread, which will be followed by the Ice Cream Sandwich. For those concerned about the compatibility of APPs on the two different OS versions, rest assured that the Android SDK is made forward-compatible. Only in a few instances, that involve major changes in functions, do slight modifications be required. For more information, please visit our website or contact a sales representative.

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