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IEIMobile was established as an independent business unit by IEI Integration Corp.. We are a professional mobile solution provider seeking to revolutionize the way people work. Our goal is to provide our customers with reliable, affordable and ready-to-use mobile devices by developing mobile industrial products with the most advanced communications and easy-to-use mobile applications. 
Our comprehensive product portfolio includes tablet PCs, industrial PDAs and in-vehicle (automotive) computing devices. We serve the needs of a wide range of industries such as retail, logistics, healthcare, construction, manufacturing, transportation and hospitality. By integrating design and innovation technologies with exceptionally-made mobile devices and manufacturing know-how, IEIMobile offers a superior production model for clients requiring design, engineering and Original Design Manufacturing (ODM) services. 
At the heart of our designs is a celebration of the true spirit of mobile technology – the idea that businesses should be empowered to operate with greater autonomy, efficiency and imagination. More value-added features can be customized and integrated by using our products as a service-oriented wireless platform. IEIMobile is here to help businesses realize their full potential. 

Our Roots, Our History: Industry Insight and Expertise

For the first time in 2004, one out of every six people was connected wirelessly anywhere, anytime, enabling people around the world to expand their personal relations into powerful networks and unparalleled business opportunities. As a leading industrial computer solution provider, IEI Integration Corp. recognized this record breaking event as a defining trend towards mobile computing in the industrial sector that will be met with explosive growth as mobile communication in the consumer market reaches maturity. 
Instead of evolving and expanding organically in response to new market demands, and being limited by the scope of existing product lines and services, IEI Integration Corp. sought to utilize its extensive industry experience and indisputable expertise by creating an independent business unit - IEIMobile. 
Being rooted in IEI Integration Corp., we are blessed with years of industry insight and expertise. Through our ability to identify market opportunities and trends, as well as develop affordable, high quality devices, IEIMobile focuses on creating a valued brand worldwide. 

Partner for Growth

To seize opportunities in the fast-growing mobile computing market, IEIMobile, part of IEI Integration Corp., seeks partners that deliver both a competitive advantage and a bottom-line impact to our clients. We approach collaborative relationships with the same passion and commitment that we invest in our client relationships. Building on a legacy of quality and industry leadership, we offer opportunities for new venture creation as well as professional ODM services to meet individual client needs.

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