Logistics and Warehousing

The movement of materials and goods between point of origin and point of use involves storage, transportation, and handling. This is where logistics and warehouse management plays a critical role. By optimizing every link in the supply chain we can ensure that materials reach the production facility or consumer in an efficient and timely manner.

The crux of logistics and warehousing is getting the right goods to the right place at the right time. From production to distribution, manufacturers often have a plant with raw materials on hand and a warehouse nearby where additional materials can be kept. Some manufacturers have central warehouses that feed smaller local warehouses to optimize distribution routes in major markets. Inaccurate information regarding quantities, storage locations, pricing and identification remain the biggest problem in logistics and warehouse management. These inaccuracies may arise from order adjustments, human handling, long processing procedures, miscalculations, lack of automation, or poor management systems. In addition to these problems, businesses have to be concerned with the flow of products and information both within the business and in the wider supply chain. In order to make products available for end consumers, businesses must manage their logistics and warehousing in terms of product movement and demand management. They need to know what is selling in the stores in order to both anticipate and respond to changes in demand. 
IEIMobile’s devices are designed to handle complex logistics and warehouse management issues such as storage, delivery, dispatching, and tracking. With barcode and RFID technologies, goods and materials can be identified in a timely and accurate manner, decreasing the amount of human error and delivery delays. Wireless communication technologies and GPS fleet tracking allow business to access real-time visibility on delivery times, inventory status, and order adjustments. With IEIMobile, businesses can achieve the flexibility they need to satisfy every partner and consumer in the industry supply chain. 


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