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Field service involves providing delivery, installation, maintenance, or repair, to customers located at another physical location. Field engineers are dispatched to various locations and many times work under harsh environments. For organizations that provide field services, the ability to immediately respond to consumer demands when technical problems arise determines the quality of service and customer satisfaction.

Working off-site means field technicians do not have access to all the resources they would normally have, such as information databases and customer relationship management systems. Field operations typically rely on manual, paper-based processes, which greatly impede the field technician’s ability to make on-site decisions and complete the job during initial service contact. Common issues include technician availability, scheduling conflicts, locating customer sites, accessing product specifications and repair parts, as well as communication between the technician, organization, and customer. The reality is that many field service organizations are hampered in their ability to satisfy their customers due to lack of automation, connectivity and integration in their processes and systems.
IEIMobile has just the right assortment of devices to empower field technicians with greater automation and flexibility. GPS and wireless technology allows field technicians to locate customers and synchronize their work schedule. The ability to make on-site decisions is greatly enhanced, as product specifications and repair parts can be processed in real-time. Organizations can remain in constant contact with their technicians and provide timely support when problems occur. In addition, IEIMobile’s devices feature sunlight readable LCD screens and semi-rugged designs to withstand the tough environments technicians encounter. 


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