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The public sector is a major part of each country’s economy that oversees provision of services such as education, military, infrastructure, and security. The objective of these governmentally controlled organizations is to ensure the safety and well-being of the greater society. 

For those employed in the law enforcement division, communication and real-time information access has always been quite an issue. From small duties like making records at a crime scene and issuing traffic tickets, to great responsibilities of securing sensitive materials in transport and locating important assets, accuracy and efficiency determines the safety of the overall society. Take for example, a scenario whereby a hit-and-run occurred and the police officer assigned to that particular district was delayed due to another traffic whilst other police officers were out of reach. Or, in another scenario where security headquarters cannot confirm the safety and whereabouts of sensitive materials in transit such as money and weaponry because tracking devices have been sabotaged or satellite signals have been blocked. It is clear that traditional technology may not have been able to integrate, identify, and keep officers up to date with real-time information. Even if they did, these technologies are frequently made into separate devices, hindering operations as they all need to be carried around while on the job. 
IEIMobile offers highly customizable mobile devices for real-time communication, identification, and integration. Not only are separate technologies integrated into a single device, they are easy to adopt and rugged enough to operate in harsh environments. Wireless, RFID, and dead-reckoning GPS technology assist in asset tracking and allow information to remain transparent throughout handling. Handheld devices with advanced data capturing features make information processing more efficient for officers in the field. 


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