Worth several billion dollars, the hospitality industry relies heavily on consumer preference and disposable income. It covers a wide range of organizations offering food service, entertainment, and accommodation, such as restaurants, bars, hotels, amusement parks, recreation centers, and so forth. These organizations face a highly competitive environment in which differentiation and innovative customer experiences are key elements in improving revenue.

Many companies invest a large amount of money in marketing to create brand awareness and loyalty. Marketing strategies tend to rely heavily on celebrity spokespeople, publicity and media coverage to create brand awareness and image. Although creating a good image is beneficial for business, many aspects related to the quality of service are often overlooked, and results in high customer turnover. For example, the long wait time that customers have to endure before service is fulfilled; the miscommunication and misunderstandings that arise between employees and customers; and the poor service experience as a by-product of high employee and customer irritability. Hence, in addition to creating an attractive external image, organizations should also seek to improve their quality of service because this is what determines customer experience and retention
There are countless benefits in investing in technology for your business. IEIMobile provides tools that differentiate you from the competition, improve customer experience and satisfaction, increase brand awareness and loyalty, and reduce price sensitivity. By adopting touchscreens and wireless communications, your business will be transformed into a convenient, high-tech experience for customers. Not only will demands be met in a timely manner, errors due to miscommunication will be reduced greatly. A double-win situation can be achieved whereby employees possess the tools to provide better service and customer satisfaction increases dramatically.


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