Healthcare is often a matter of urgency, accuracy, privacy, regulations, and technology, whether provided at a hospital, doctor’s office, outpatient facility, or long-term care facility. Improving worker productivity and reducing error rates have become the most pressing issues that the healthcare industry faces today.

The use of computers and networks in healthcare is quite popular. However, desktop computers and land phones are often anchored to a specific physical location which reduces the mobility of the clinician. In addition, a more urgent matter to be addressed is the amount of medical errors caused by mismatches between patients and their respective prescriptions. These error opportunities are caused, in part, by the rigid medical system where patient records have to go through layers of time-consuming processes before entering the medical database.  Although healthcare workers are familiar and accustomed to these work processes, a second spent rooted to their desktop computers, land phones, and correcting mistakes, is a second lost to taking care of patients.
IEIMobile’s medically certified devices can aid in the diagnosis, monitoring, and treatment of patients while reducing errors and processing time. Our devices allow healthcare workers to record and retrieve patient data right at point-of-care using integrated data capturing technologies such as smart card, barcode, and RFID readers. In addition, wireless communication allows workers to send and receive data in real-time. Whether the objective is to increase safety, efficiency, or service quality, IEIMobile devices are developed to meet the strict requirements of the healthcare industry.


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