The retail industry is extremely unpredictable and subject to continuous changes in consumer preferences and demands. The inability to quickly adjust to market changes could result in mounting inventory costs and stock shortages. Retailers must prove that they can satisfy customer demands better than their competitors in the market.

Retail inventory management is probably the most complex of all inventory management departments because it involves fast-changing consumer demands. Store managers stock their inventory based on sales forecasts and monthly records. Although sales forecasts may be quite accurate, traditional inventory management is nevertheless overwhelmed with human errors and is often criticized for its rigidity. In reality, recording errors may lead store managers to believe that enough stock is at hand when in fact the shelves are empty. Store managers may also find that they have ordered too much of a particular product leaving no space for other products that are suddenly in demand. These inefficiencies and countless others increase operation costs and decrease consumer satisfaction. 
IEIMobile handheld devices allow retailers to monitor the supply and demand chain in order to improve customer responsiveness and employee performance. Whether in the front line or the storage warehouse, handheld devices that feature RFID and barcode readers for data collection, and wireless connectivity are an optimal solution for complex inventory management. With IEIMobile, retailers can keep track of inventory, resolve over and under-stocking issues, eliminate long lines at the register, and satisfy every consumer that walks through the door. 


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